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Hajj is one of the five tenets of Islam. It’s every Muslim’s desire to perform Hajj atleast once in his life time. History Tours offers affordable Hajj Packages, which will match with the needs of Indian Pilgrims. History Tours conducts Hajj services as part of our pilgrim package. Our journey starts from Calicut International Airport / Cochin International Airport.

With History Tours you will reach Holy Haram at Makkah before the rush begins. We assure comfortable accommodation to our clients in hotels nearer to Holy Harams and a stay for more than eight days in Madina.

We also arrange visits to the places like Uhad, Khandakh, Masjid al Kiblathain, Masjidul Khuba, Masjid Aysha, Jabalunnoor, Jabalusour, Jabalur-rahma, Masjidul Khaif, etc. Islamic scholars will guide you through out this spiritual journey.

Hajj 2020 Travel Schedule

Days Place
2020 July 23 Start
15 Days Mecca
10 Days Madinah
9 Days Hajj
5 Days Aziziya
2020 August 8 Return Journey

Hajj Travel 2020

Jabal al-Nour
  • Jabal an-Nour ( \'Mountain of Light\' or \'Hill of Illumination\') is a mountain near Mecca in Saudi Arabia\'s Hejaz region. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Makkah. The mountain houses the famed Ghar Hira or Hira cave
Jab al soor (Jabal Thawr)
  • The mountain is notable for housing a cave known as Ghar Sawr ( Cave of Sawr), in which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad took refuge from the Quraish, during the migration to Medina.
Jabal ar-Rahmah
  • Mount Arafat or Mount Arafah is a granite hill east of Makkah in the plain of Arafat. Arafat is a plain about 20 km (12 mi) southeast of Makkah. Mount Arafat reaches about 70 m (230 ft) in height and is also known as the Mount of Mercy (Jabal ar-Rahmah). According to Islamic tradition, the hill is the place where the Islamic prophet Muhammed stood and delivered the Farewell Sermon to the Muslims who had accompanied him for the Hajj towards the end of his life.
Makkah Museum
  • Mount Uhud is a mountain north of Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is 1,077 m (3,533 ft) high. It was the site of the second battle between Muslim and Meccan forces. The Battle of Uhud was fought on 19 March, 625 AD, between a force from the small Muslim community of Medina, in what is now north-western Arabia, and a force from Mecca.
Masjid al-Qiblatayn (മസ്ജിദ് അല്‍ ഖിബ് ലതൈന്‍)
  • Masjid al-Qiblatayn or the Mosque of the Two Qiblas, is a mosque in Medina that is historically important for Muslims as the place where, after the Islamic Prophet Muhammad received the command to change the direction of prayer (qibla) from Jerusalem to Mecca, the entire congregation led by a companion changed direction in prayer.
Masjid quba
  • The Quba Mosque , in the outlying environs of Medina in Saudi Arabia, is the oldest mosque in the world that dates to the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, considering that the Great Mosques of Mecca and Jerusalem, which are believed to be even older, are associated with earlier Islamic Prophets. According to legend, its first stones were positioned by Muhammad as soon as he arrived on his emigration from the city of Mecca to Medina and the mosque was completed by his companions.

Travel Schedule

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