Hajj Package

Hajj is one of the five tenets of Islam. It’s every Muslim’s desire to perform Hajj atleast once in his life time. History Tours offers affordable Hajj Packages, which will match with the needs of Indian Pilgrims. History Tours conducts Hajj services as part of our pilgrim package. Our journey starts from Calicut International Airport / Cochin International Airport. 

With History Tours you will reach Holy Haram at Makkah before the rush begins. We assure comfortable accommodation to our clients in hotels nearer to Holy Harams and a stay for more than eight days in Madina. 

We also arrange visits to the places like Uhad, Khandakh, Masjid al Kiblathain, Masjidul Khuba, Masjid Aysha, Jabalunnoor, Jabalusour, Jabalur-rahma, Masjidul Khaif, etc. Islamic scholars will guide you through out this spiritual journey.