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Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Image Sexts Behind Girlfriend’s Back Once Again?

Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Image Sexts Behind Girlfriend’s Back Once Again?

After seeing Ryan Edwards nod off while creating to their romantic parking lot wedding to Mackenzie Standifer, we think the man cannot become a lot worse.

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And, well, seriously that’s however most likely the worst thing we have now previously observed on teenage mommy.

Maybe an easy method to phrase it would be “After seeing Ryan endanger themselves among others while operating large to his tragic wedding, we believed there was no place for him to visit but right up.”

Yeah, which is best.

Also it’s incorrect.

Because once we’re studying with this brand spanking new cheating scandal, facts undoubtedly aren’t searching for for Ryan in the near future.

Simply last night, we discussed some screenshots from a so-called discussion Ryan have with a young woman on Tinder.

In the event the notion of this guy creating a Tinder levels not as much as 90 days after marriage to Mackenzie Standifer wasn’t terrible adequate, what exactly he had been claiming to this female surely ended up being.

The talk began as innocently as a Tinder conversation can, but before too long, Ryan was inquiring the girl if she was actually “DTF.”

“right down to f-ck,” for anyone not inside recognize.

She said that she got, based on who was simply asking, as well as began organizing a time and place for them to “relax” together.

In those screenshots, their own finally information contains an exchange of phone numbers .

Nowadays Radar using the internet enjoys screenshots of their texting!

Warning: the subsequent try artwork, terrible, but also completely entertaining in some sort of tragic way.

The texts start like the majority of texts carry out — the usual “What’s up?”, “little, your?” company.

Your ex requires Ryan for their finally label, and after inquiring exactly why she really wants to learn (to save lots of their contact info, duh), he tells her it really is Edwards.

He also sends their a selfie, and yep, that is undoubtedly Teen Mom OG’s present hottest mess.

She requires him precisely why he is on Tinder because “I was thinking you had been married,” and he confirms that he’s married, but “I however love to have only a little enjoyable.”

The lady is actually lower for a few enjoyable, but very first, she states “I would like to read a lot more of you.”

You’ll be able to already inform in which this is heading, cannot you?

He requires their “What otherwise u hope,” as he already sent her one picture, and she tells him she wants an image of his body. Thank goodness for all folks viewing these screenshots, he are unable to need one at the time because he is driving.

After that, she tosses your a curve ball by asking “might you f-ck me personally?”

He requires the lady if that is exactly what she wants, as soon as she claims, yes, he says to the lady “come on subsequently,” they can do it anytime she wants at their home.

They made intentions to meet within snacks urban area off freeway 58 — in addition they say love try dead! — nevertheless the projects decrease through because Ryan won’t send her much more pictures.

He actually starts to become a little angry whenever she complains he’s just delivered the girl two photographs, one that he might have removed with an internet search.

He tells this lady “Nvm don’t worry regarding it,” because “I’m not planning to continue steadily to attempt to confirm its myself.”

She truly responds by advising your that she desires be certain of just who she actually is about to fulfill, and that is when it occurs.

The guy delivers her a selfie — the one that they haven’t published any place else — AND A PENIS photo.

But by the point the guy ultimately decided to deliver considerably photographs, she’d currently given up on your and attended sleep.

He states that he’ll try to look for another time and energy to experience this lady, but in the meantime, the guy says to the woman to transmit your an image of the girl.

What type of photo?

“deliver me personally a sexy one,” he instructs her. “i would ike to see how pink its.”

“myself myself difficult,” he writes. “think about it.”

Then informs the girl to deliver him a video of “u using oneself,” as soon as she declines, according to him “Come more I said we’ll permit you lay on my personal face therefore I could possibly get u great and wet.”

The lady declines, but Ryan tries again another day — one when Mackenzie are “out of community,” so he’s got our home to themselves.

They arrange to meet, want Buddhist dating but we can not be sure they previously performed, for the reason that it’s where this circular of screenshots ends.

Ryan enjoys rejected the original Tinder information, saying “I’m hitched. Bring f-ck of here with that dumb sh-t.”

But, interestingly adequate, Radar inspected it, and additionally they make sure the amount when you look at the texts is truly Ryan’s wide variety.

Can’t hold off to see what sort of page Mackenize is going to write to Maci Bookout to spell out this one away!

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