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Sky Mall,
Malappuram, Kerala, India
PIN – 676501
PH: +91- 0483 297 0106,
MOB: 944 70 77 457, 96 33 88 94 94
E-mail: mail@historytours.in
Website: www.historytours.in



In Egypt our package includes visits to all historical places in Cairo including Al- Azhar University, the River Nile , the Fort of Salahudheen Ayyubi , remnants of 13 centuries old Fusthath Muslim city, Coptic Museum, Babylon Fort, the Pyramids of Giza (one of the 7 wonders of world), the Egyptian National Museum (where the mummies of Pharaohs are kept), Statue of Abul Haul, Miniyal Palace, Islamic Museum, Military Museum, Seena Hills, Burning Bush, Qaroon Alfa, Mediterranean Sea, Imam Booseri Masjid, Alexandria library.


In Palestine visit we’ll take you to Baithul Mukhadhas, Kubbathu Zaqra, Olive Mountain, Dead Sea (where the Prophet Lot’s people were destroyed by, Almighty Allah), Jericho, Al Khaleel (Hebron) and Sinai Desert.


During Jordan visit we will give you take you around Amman City, the cave of Al Rajeeb (where the companions of cave stayed for more than 300 years), Jordan river.