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History Tours, a professionally managed tourism promoter based in Keral- God’s Own Country, has associate offices, hotels, resorts, cruises, water parks and hospitals all over India and abroad. We cover wide range of packages like Holiday, Pilgrim, Adventure, Ayurvedic, Health Care Packages and many more.

The voyage of History Tours began with a word of honour that ‘we will keep the promise to our clients’. By keeping this, we offer full fledged services in managing destination and tour packages. We strive to satisfy our customers with the complete team of professionally trained staff having two decades of expertise in the industry. As the name suggests we offer historical tours that take you to a different world of languages, cultures and customs. Our well planned packages will definitely take you down history lane. With our expertise, we can assure you that your journey to historical locations with us not only covers some of the most important landmarks, but also will give you an in-depth idea about the relentless march of history.

Middle East is one of our exciting destinations. We specialize in Hajj and Umrah Packages.

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3 Haram Package

In our 3 Haram Package we will take you to Masjidul Haram- Makkah, Masjidul Nabavi- Madina, Masjidul Aqsa- Palestine

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Welcome to History Tours!!!

Welcome to our tour packages to various corners of the world. We have the experience and commitment to facilitate your hajj and umrah pilgrimage and make you comfortable through out the journey. It is good value for your money. It is our privilege to take good care of you from the beginning to the end of the journey. We will keep our word to be with the customer- always. And it is our pleasure to make your dream into reality.

V.T. Ikramul Haque
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  • Egypt




    In Egypt our package includes visits to all historical places in Cairo including Al- Azhar University, the River Nile , the Fort of Salahudheen Ayyubi , remnants of 13 centuries old Fusthath Muslim city, Coptic Museum, Babylon Fort, the Pyramids of Giza (one of the 7 wonders of world), the Egyptian National Museum (where…

  • Jordhan




    During Jordan visit we will give you take you around Amman City, the cave of Al Rajeeb (where the companions of cave stayed for more than 300 years), Jordan…

  • Palastine




    In Palestine visit we’ll take you to Baithul Mukhadhas, Kubbathu Zaqra, Olive Mountain, Dead Sea (where the Prophet Lot’s people were destroyed by, Almighty Allah), Jericho, Al Khaleel (Hebron) and Sinai Desert.…

  • Umrah Package


    Umrah Package


    Umrah is one of the important optional rituals in Islam and can be performed at any time of the year. Muslims believe that accumulated sins are expiated with each Umrah. History Tours offers Umrah packages throughout the year. In our package, we can assure you comfortable stay in hotels very close to Harams at…